Thank you so much for the love and support. There was way too much positivity not to do this again, so STAY TUNED FOR RESISTANCE CON 2.0!

Resistance Con is a gathering of community leaders, artists, musicians, nonprofits, activists, and, most importantly, the general public, for the purpose of learning how to effectively advocate for social justice and reject inequality and division. With educational panels on how to best effect change, informational tables representing various important social causes, vendors selling arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry, and anything created in the spirit of the resistance, musical performances, and speeches from local leaders and artists emphasizing the beauty of diversity, our goal is to bring people together — united in being The Resistance.

We The People must fight for the rights of the most vulnerable.

Resistance Con is a nonprofit corporation.

Hi! I’m Holly McKinney, and I was one of the millions of people who participated in the Women’s March on January 21st to speak out against inequality and division. The sense of love, unity, and urgency there inspired me to want to do something in my community to bring people together to celebrate diversity and learn how to challenge injustices.
My husband, Brockton, is one of the directors of the NC Comicon and I asked him to help me in creating a special convention. An event that would utilize the resources in our state to provide guidance and solidarity. A way to direct people’s energy and desire to help those who are most marginalized in the current political climate. A place to take pride in your identity.
Resistance Con is that event. It’s positive, inspirational, and a ton of fun. See you at Res Con 2.0!




Resistance Con is a nonprofit corporation.

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