VALIDnation is an ongoing interactive performance art piece by Stacey Kirby exploring civil rights and the validity of communities, families, and individuals throughout the United States. Kirby’s initial motivation came from the campaigning for and against the passing of Amendment One, which banned civil rights for same-sex families in North Carolina. The fuel for her “political performative” fire continues to burn as our nation’s states pass legislation limiting same-sex couples’ and transgender people’s rights, women’s access to healthcare, voting rights and cutting unemployment benefits.

Visitors of the VALIDnation installation participate in this work by interacting with Kirby and other performers in an office setting. Visitors write and talk about their rights and the laws affecting their freedoms. After performances, their voices are shared through a mass-mailing of handwritten postcards to their legislators.

We hope to get 500 individual VAILDnation cards mailed out to the appropriate offices of legislation by the end of the show!