The Art & Wares of the Resistance

These are vendors from our first event. Stay tuned for Resistance Con 2.0!

Sarah Clover (Clover Studio) creates jewelry from vinyl records. Her designs are inspired by a love for music and creating from found objects.



Luke Foster: Comic book artist/writer. Comissions welcome!





Gemynii. Artist. Crate digger/DJ. Artivist. Healer. Sushi addict. Black Weirdo. Mermaid. Witch. Bull City Goddess. Yoga Gal. Fat Queer Femme.





Brian Gibbs will┬ábe presenting his new Coloring Book for Adults titled “FRANKS Wonderful Thang’s.” The book travels the readers through a world made up of psychedelic dreamscapes, Pop Icons, memes and satire all through the Character FRANK’s perspective.


Sarah Harrod is a character artist and illustrator selling prints, buttons, postcards, original art, on site commissions, and (hopefully) her first book! (Sarah Harrod Illustrations)



Anastasia Hilton is a mixed race queer creator who takes inspiration from both the LGBTQIA community and curated street fashion. Her partner is a writer who writes stories highlighting the issues of income inequality and the growing (and dangerous) trend of corporations seeking great power and financial gain through warmongering. Offerings will include include original fiction, soap for various pride and sexuality flags, kawaii cross stitch/decoden and street-inspired fashion and accessories.



Isabella Jacovino (I. R. Harris Books) Creator, activist, author, and artist of Dark-Epic Fantasy novels, art zines, and digital mixed media fine art.




Monte JohnJulio (Retro Steam Studios) sells handmade steampunk, dieselpunk and retro sci-fi art and collectibles. They also carry handmade and hand-painted timepieces and unique handmade jewelry.



Makeda Lewis (Avie’s Dreams: An Afro-Feminist Coloring Book)

Crystal Melton: Buttons, badge reels, jewelry and accessories

Marta Micklesen — Art prints, stickers, pins, and other merchandise focusing on LGBT and nerd themes with cute style.




Jennifer Van Sickle (Sparkles & Sprites) is a local artist/crafter who makes a number of hand crafted items, leaning towards the “geek” style. Her work includes amigurimi, hand sewn bags, hand bound journals and sketchbooks, bead/wire jewelry, and hand painted coffee mugs.



Bobbie Wendelken (The Magpie Mirror)





Jeremy Whitley is an American comic book writer and artist, known as the creator of the Eisner nominated series Princeless.




Annie Grimes Williams is a native of North Carolina, and currently lives in Winston-Salem, NC. She is a faculty member of the Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem where she teaches metalsmithing and enameling workshops. She is an Exhibiting Member of Piedmont Craftsmen’s Guild and a member of Piedmont Craftsmen’s Board of Trustees. She is also on the Board of Directors for Art Nouveau Winston-Salem through the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Arts Council.

Amanda Winter (Tailored Trinkets) creates interchangeable jewelry and stitch art.